InfoEd Global and Forte Research Systems Partner to Improve Research Operations

ALBANY, New York – InfoEd Global, the leading provider of integrated research administration solutions, announced today a partnership with Forte Research Systems to provide seamless integration with their clinical research solutions. As recognized software innovators with a significant shared customer base within the clinical research community, the partnership will offer exponential gains for current and future clients of both organizations.

“One of the many strengths of the InfoEd Solution is its capacity to reduce data redundancy, eliminate errors, and improve compliance for Sponsored Programs staff and offices,” said InfoEd Global President, Edward Johnson, Jr. “Partnerships like this and the others that we support make sense for our shared clients, for future clients that will benefit from the relationship, and moreover, are in step with our goal to provide best-in-class services to the world’s top research institutions.”

The InfoEd® Human Studies/ IRB Ethics Solution and the OnCore® clinical research management system from Forte already share countless data points. Developing a common Web Service to leverage these commonalities will provide researchers, administrators and other key clinical staff with far greater efficiencies by eliminating the redundancies inherent in maintaining two disparate systems.

“Eliminating data silos and opening communication between systems improves clinical research operations across the industry, for everyone,” said Srini Kalluri, President, CEO, and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Forte Research Systems. “This partnership leverages InfoEd’s domain expertise to expand the value we can offer our common customers while allowing us to stay focused on our core competencies.”

Specific technical details are not yet available, but enhanced capability to share information across departments and systems, faster communication of review outcomes, and greater transparency throughout the review process are all obvious advantages that the integration may provide to users of the systems.

Engineers from both organizations are collaborating on technical development to provide seamless integration between the OnCore system and the InfoEd Human Studies/ IRB Ethics Solution. No date has been announced for when the Web Services will be available, but the companies’ joint statements indicate that the collaboration is a high priority.