InfoEd Global and Maximus Announce Agreement

InfoEd Global and Maximus Announce Agreement for Integrated Research Administration Solution

New MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System (ERS) Integration to Deliver Industry Standard for Interoperability

In an effort to deliver the optimum software solution for Research Administration compliance and reporting, and to support greater interoperability and technology choice for clients, InfoEd International, Inc. today announced new integrations that will enable MAXIMUS software solution – including Effort Reporting System (ERS) Certification and Committed Effort Modules – to be accessed seamlessly within InfoEd’s research administration software suite.

This initiative will bring together the robust capabilities of InfoEd’s Enterprise Research Administration Software with MAXIMUS ERS, a solution to help central and academic departments comply with increasingly complex federal regulations surrounding effort reporting and managing effort commitments. The combination will enhance ease of use for researchers, staff and administrative users of the MAXIMUS and InfoEd product suites.

“Our goal is to increase the impact of research by transforming the research administration process. This partnership takes advantage of each company’s clear areas of expertise to improve the grant and effort reporting process for researchers and administrators,” said Edward Johnson, Jr., President of InfoEd. “This step provides a best-of-breed solution for institutions to manage the complete Effort Reporting process, and to ensure that our current and future customers are well positioned for the future.”

The integration with MAXIMUS will create seamless access within the InfoEd product suite to MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System for managing, planning, tracking and reporting effort commitments from pre-award to close out of the project. Additional integration efforts will be focused on delivering committed effort details on sponsored projects from InfoEd’s Grants software in support of the Effort Tracking and Reporting Process. The synergies will streamline effort in the Effort Tracking and Reporting process reducing the work required to aggregate information from disparate systems, increase data integrity in the process, enable institutions to be proactive rather than reactive, and facilitate compliance with Federal Regulations.

“By effectively combining the energy and ingenuity of our firms and our large client bases, this extraordinary partnership will revolutionize grant management and effort reporting for the entire research administration community,” said Harold Horton, Senior Vice President of MAXIMUS. “We will collectively provide institutions with the industry’s most comprehensive and mature ‘end to end’ solution. This partnership will serve the community as a critical facility for the generation and implementation of client ideas to improve business processes through transformative solutions and consulting services.”

InfoEd and MAXIMUS are working with their joint clients to pilot various integration methods. For institutions that would like to participate in the pilot integration initiatives, please contact either Kelsey Rosell at InfoEd Global,, or Anne Feuerborn at MAXIMUS,

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