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Partnership Enhanced Solutions

Partnerships offer enhanced integrated software solutions to InfoEd Global customers increasing our clients return on investment and maximizing the performance of the InfoEd Solutions Suite.

Our partners complement and integrate with InfoEd business solutions to address specific vertical and functional needs.

For over two decades, the MAXIMUS Higher Education Practice of MAXIMUS, Inc. has specialized in providing research administration consulting services and software applications to colleges, universities, hospitals, and not-for-profit institutions. Serving over 150 academic research institutions, MAXIMUS provides expert assistance with preparation and negotiation of indirect cost and fringe rate proposals, space surveys and studies, pre and post award business process improvement and training, and compliance per federal OMB circulars A-21, A-110, A-122, and A-133.

The flagship product of the Higher Education Practice since 1988 has been the Comprehensive Rate Information System (CRIS). Over 75 of the top 100 research institutions use CRIS to automate and maximize their Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate calculation. In 2000, MAXIMUS introduced two web-based products to the market: the Effort Reporting System (ERS) and WebSpace. WebSpace is used by over twenty universities to assist in the space functionalization study as required in OMB Circular A-21. More than 25 universities use ERS to automate and manage their effort certification process. In 2008, MAXIMUS introduced CRIS Short Form, for schools that submit their F&A Proposals under the Simplified Method for Small Institutions (section H in OMB Circular A-21). Over twenty universities use CRIS Short Form to automate and maximize their F&A rates.

This initiative between InfoEd and MAXIMUS will bring together the robust capabilities of InfoEd’s Enterprise Research Administration Software with MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System (ERS), a solution to help central and academic departments comply with increasingly complex federal regulations surrounding effort reporting and managing effort commitments. The combination will enhance ease of use for researchers, staff and administrative users of the MAXIMUS and InfoEd product suites.

The integration with MAXIMUS creates seamless access within the InfoEd product suite to MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System for managing, planning, tracking and reporting effort commitments from pre-award to close out of the project. Additional integration efforts focus on delivering committed effort details on sponsored projects from InfoEd’s Grants software in support of the Effort Tracking and Reporting Process. The synergies streamline effort in the Effort Tracking and Reporting process reducing the work required to aggregate information from disparate systems, increase data integrity in the process, enable institutions to be proactive rather than reactive, and facilitate compliance with Federal Regulations.


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Symplectic is a specialized software company and consultancy, based in London, around a network of computing professionals who contribute to our tailored information products.

Symplectic was founded in 2003 by the four Directors who studied together at Imperial College London for PhDs in Theoretical Physics. Each member of Symplectic’s expanding team brings their unique skills to our projects, from user-friendly interface design to expertise in complex programming and database architecture.

The company develops a range of unique products in conjunction with leading Higher Education institutions, which are targeted to meet the information management needs of research managers, administrators and academic staff. These include their flagship Elements publication management system, as well as a tailored content management system and Invigilator student management.

The integration with Symplectic will create seamless access to Symplectic’s software within the InfoEd product suite, leveraging the synergies of two leading edge products.

Mutual clients of InfoEd and Symplectic will be able to make the most of the benefits of each system, while eliminating the cost and inefficiencies of creating individual integrations. The Open Architecture of the products allows for this to be done easily and reliably, delivering a comprehensive research administration management system.

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Strategic Training Solutions

Strategic Training Solutions (STS) partners with prestigious healthcare organizations, creating a wide-range of service improvement solutions. Identifying, teaching, and reinforcing the service behaviors required to meet the expectations of all customer groups are the goals of STS’s work.

STS provides training solutions based on solid instructional design principles, which target sustained performance change. STS leverages instructional design expertise, exceptional facilitation skills, and their deep healthcare industry experience to design and deliver relevant, timely, high-quality skill-development opportunities.

STS solutions are designed to ensure that employees at all levels of your organization acquire the interpersonal effectiveness skills to create, foster, and sustain an increased service capability.

Collaborating with STS, InfoEd has the ability to enhance a customer’s implementation by providing customized educational materials. These materials include end-user support documents and tools, as well as a toolkit allowing institutions to develop instructors who can educate their user community on the implemented configuration. All of these materials can be designed around each institutions specific policies and requirements.

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