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The InfoEd Solutions Suite represents a comprehensive, fully integrated collection of software applications specifically designed to reduce the cost, time, and inefficacy that confront today’s research offices.

InfoEd’s solutions eliminates the redundant effort, last minute paper chases, and compliance blind spots that represent near universal administrative challenges.

Grouped into six key Areas of Expertise, InfoEd Solutions can be installed individually, or in any combination that fits the needs of your institution or organization.

Whether utilizing only a single Solution or the entire InfoEd eRA Suite, all applications share common features that will improve efficiency, reduce errors, simplify tracking and reporting, improve compliance, and eliminate the administrative barriers that keep you from doing what you do best – Research.

Global Features at a Glance

Base-lined Code

InfoEd base-lined code offers a universal model for supporting the complex requirements of research offices worldwide.

  • No more pursuit of ad hoc customization
  • The collective wisdom of all InfoEd Global experiences direct product improvements and application best practices
  • Aligned with constantly evolving government regulations, industry requirements, and information technology
  • Invites mutually agreeable solutions for common challenges, reinforcing the collaborative nature of the research community itself


While InfoEd’s expert systems support the specialized requirements of research offices worldwide, they also include the built-in flexibility necessary to accommodate each customer’s unique requirements.

  • System setups are non-technical
  • Designed to be managed by experienced administrators familiar with office policies, not IT specialists
  • No software coding knowledge is required
  • Provides operational flexibility

Linked Objects

The InfoEd relational database enables linkages between InfoEd records so users can readily track associated components.

  • Grants and contracts can be linked to protocols, protocols can be linked to clinical trials, and disclosures can be linked to grants and contracts, and so on in nearly infinite combinations
  • InfoEd Relationship Manager provides a graphic view of a record’s associations, including the status and high-level details of each item
  • Items are hyper-linked so users with the appropriate permissions can conveniently navigate between related objects
  • The links empower integrated project management, and facilitate unprecedented coordination across research offices


InfoEd solutions include a configurable workflow utility that makes it possible for research offices to automate their administrative processes.

  • Workflow design is non-technical; staff members can readily chart the path that records will take from concept to closeout
  • Records move systematically through the steps to either individuals or groups, by name or role, based on the process defined
  • Workflow maps provide a bird’s eye view of where all records are in the process, providing unparalleled operational transparency


InfoEd eForms Builder provides research offices with an easy to use design tool for creating interactive online institutional forms (e.g. protocol applications; case report forms; proposal cover sheets; etc.).

  • Can be modeled on existing documents
  • Includes a wide variety of advanced features that ensure both improved submission quality and researcher experience
  • Responds intelligently to researcher inputs, expanding or collapsing to reveal only those fields/sections/pages, which are relevant to each study
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork
  • Validate administrative completeness on-the-fly
  • Provides inline help, field level reporting, version control, and change history as part of a comprehensive solution for managing official submissions


InfoEd includes an intuitive ad hoc reporting tool with all of its solutions. The reporting tool provides access to all system fields including any fields added by the organization, but is filtered automatically based on each user’s security permissions.

  • Smart reporting to distribute the capabilities widely, to include researchers themselves, so all system users can access person-appropriate data on demand
  • Individuals can configure their own basic or advanced queries and see the results in their own customized layouts
  • Can be ad hoc one-off inquiries, or they can be saved for re-use
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically on a pre-defined day and time
  • Central administrators can create Global Reports that are available to all users, but return filtered subsets for each person based on their security
  • InfoEd supports ODBC conventions so designated staff can export data as necessary for formatting or advanced statistical analysis

nTier Security

The InfoEd application level security supports complex operational requirements, while maintaining ease of use.

  • People tables are maintained centrally, but security rights are granted on a per product basis
  • Each solution can define unlimited roles
  • Role security can be filtered by organizational unit
  • Role security can vary with record status
  • Roles can be used to restrict the sections and fields of a record a user may access
  • Individuals can have multiple roles with a single login that can be validated by institutional authentication
  • Security can be tailored per person

Document Management

InfoEd Document Management enables comprehensive record keeping of all science documents, letters of intent, technical reports, non-disclosure agreements, contracts, and more, in a single central repository.

  • Virtually any file type can be uploaded and linked to a relevant publication, proposal, protocol, trial, or disclosure
  • Attachments are stored in the database and are retrievable with InfoEd’s Reporting Tool
  • Text based documents (e.g. .doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf) are fully text searchable from within the system
  • All documents are time/date stamped upon load for version control and audit purposes


InfoEd offers an Enterprise and a Financial Staging Area to facilitate import/export between InfoEd and 3rd party institutional systems.

Professional Services

InfoEd is a full-service solution provider. The company compliments its product offering with comprehensive services that include pre-implementation planning, project management, and ongoing customer support and education.